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Experience a digital transformation in 4 easy steps


You Provide Details
(Day 1)

Diving deep into your vision and objectives with the help of our Guided form. You will answer a series of questions to help get a picture of your vision along with providing any assets such as logos.


Strategy & Design
(Day 2-3)

Connect over video call to Unveil a custom blueprint that captures your unique brand's voice. During this phase we'll ave the opportunity to clarify you vision and make tweaks to the blueprint.


(Day 4-6)

In this stage we will develop the site to actuality and optimize it for speed. In addition we Transform The blueprint into a dynamic responsive website ready for desktop, mobile and tablet.


(Day 7)

Final touches and liftoff with post-launch support. We don't just disappear once your site is live; we're here to support, guide, and help you enhance and grow your online presence further.

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Make Your Site a Welcome Spot: Don't Be Among the 82% That Turn Visitors Away

Visualize This: You’re excited to explore a new website, hoping it holds the answers you seek. But instead, you’re met with disorder and confusion.

A staggering 82% of users abandon a website because of a negative user experience. Unknowingly, your site could be turning visitors away, losing potential leads and sales.

Ever felt that irritation of not finding what you need? That’s the frustration your customers face with unclear messaging and a disorganized layout.

Embrace simplicity, the hallmark of sophistication. A well-structured website intuitively guides visitors, making their journey effortless.

Imagine a website that’s a breeze to navigate, where every message is clear, and the layout is a roadmap to success. That’s exactly what we craft for you.

Hurry! As of Today, April 12, our slots for this month are quickly being filled.

what Customers are saying

“Honestly, I was skeptical about the whole ‘website in 7 days’ pitch, but wow, did they deliver! Not only is our new site bringing in more customers, but the feedback on its design has been extremely positive. We now have a very strong relationship that we continue to build. OTF is the real deal. I highly recommend them!”

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“I’m all about details, and so were they. The mobile site works like a charm, and my customers can’t stop talking about how easy it is to use. This team doesn’t just build websites; they build customer experiences.”

Natalie Conicella
CEO of Sweat2Swim
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The collaboration between Sweat2Swim and OverTheFold Agency, particularly through Dioni, provided a standout experience that exceeded expectations. Dioni, serving as the primary contact, was pivotal in differentiating this partnership through his exceptional professionalism, comprehensive understanding of both the front-end and back-end project requirements, and his ability to organize and adapt with remarkable flexibility. His rare blend of technical proficiency and a warm, engaging personality not only enhanced the working relationship but also set a high standard for service delivery. Dioni's unwavering commitment to timely delivery and close collaboration marked a refreshing departure from the industry norm of missed deadlines and inadequate excuses.
Dan Rigol
One Canal Distribution, LLC
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OverTheFold Agency, led by Dioni, excels in delivering top-notch digital design and exceptional customer service. Their website is a testament to their expertise, offering a blend of high functionality and stunning aesthetics. The agency stands out for its fast, reliable support and commitment to creating custom-made, high-end designs that reflect each client's unique brand identity. With Dioni at the helm, the team consistently exceeds expectations, pushing the boundaries of creativity to turn visions into digital realities. OverTheFold is not just about meeting client demands; it's about surpassing them, making it a premier choice for anyone looking to make a significant online impact.
Owner of Inclusive Beginnings
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Post-launch, I was worried about being left to fend for myself, but the aftercare has been phenomenal. Questions? Answered. Tweaks? Done. It's more than just building a site with these folks; it's like having a tech guru in your corner.
David Entenza
Owner of Entenza Music
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Great Service, good and fast work. Over the fold has been a blessing. They have helped me through so much. Not only did they create my website but they also helped design my brand. I highly recommend them, wouldn't trade them for anyone.

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Our 7-day website process is designed for efficiency in 4 easy steps, Strategy, Design, Development and Launch. We start with a detailed form to allow us to dive deep into your vision and objectives. Followed by a consultation to understand your needs, then proceed with rapid development, feedback loops, and revisions. Our goal is to deliver a fully functional website within the specified timeframe.

To kick off the process smoothly, we provide an easy to fill guided form to help you provide important information like branding guidelines, and any specific features or functionalities along with your business goals. 

Our intension is to be of support to you and to help you succeed. Our easy support and maintenance service after launch helps ensure that your website evolves with your brand. You simply submit the request and within 1-2 business days we make any update. 

Our website package typically includes strategy, design, development, foundational SEO, content integration. We also offer support and maintenance for a $100 monthly fee. 

We prioritize understanding your brand during the consultation phase and incorporate your brand elements (colors, logo, tone) into the design. Regular feedback sessions ensure we align the website with your vision. You will have a dedicated designer to your team to make sure we keep consistency. 

While our standard process is 7-day turnaround, some projects may vary. We’ll communicate any potential delays transparently and work closely with you to find the best solution. 

Yes, we provide post-launch support and maintenance monthly subscription. This ensures your website remains secure, up-to-date, and performs optimally.

Payment is typically divided into two parts: an initial deposit to initiate the project and a final payment upon completion. Specific terms will be outlined in our agreement.

Certainly! We can integrate various third-party tools or services based on your needs, expanding the functionality of your website.

We incorporate SEO practices during the development phase. For a more comprehensive SEO strategy, we can discuss additional services to enhance your website’s visibility.

While maintenance is recommended for optimal performance and security, it’s optional. Without it, you may be responsible for updates and troubleshooting or any downtime.

Maintenance and support are separate but we offer a monthly maintenance subscription service.

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